The Digital Leadership on Project Management in the Emerging Digital Era

The Digital Leadership on Project Management in the Emerging Digital Era




Digital Leadership, Project Management, Disruptive Digital Era, Leadership, Organizational Transformation


Digital leadership plays an important role in steering organizations toward growth. With the current and changing technological advancements in the business world, organizations are turning towards projects as the major driver of growth and development. Project managers are expected to have the desired level of digital leadership quality to benefit the organization. Managers are expected to use their teams, by example, instill collaboration, have a global vision of growth, be resourceful in matters concerning technology, and are ready to sustain their organizations during these disruptive times. This study aims to determine how different organizations have benefitted from digital leadership in terms of efficiency in project management. The study uses qualitative data from both primary interview sources and secondary sources such as past literature and growth records of the selected organizations. The study found that digital leadership impacted project management positively. However, digital leaders with different levels of desired attributes had different results, with those bearing transactional and transformational traits as the most successful ones. However, digital leaders faced challenges as their organizations aimed to survive through strong competition.