The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Achieving Sustainable Development in Iraq After 2003


  • Alaa Abbas Dakhel Instructor, Al-Qadisiyah University, Faculty of Administration and Economics, Department of Economics


Role of Small and Medium Enterprises, Achieving Sustainable Development, Iraq


At the present time, interest has increased in the significant role played by small and medium enterprises in terms of economic, social, or sustainable development due to their flexible characteristics. Global experiences confirm that these enterprises have the ability to achieve the desired goals in sustainability. The significance of the present study is due to the fact that the role of these enterprises in Iraq stems from the need to activate the role of small and medium enterprises because they help to achieve the required sustainable development in light of the decline in the economic situation, the deterioration of oil prices, and the insufficiency of financial resources. The descriptive analytical approach is adopted to explain the nature of these enterprises and their role in sustainable development. The results indicate a high contribution of these enterprises to the gross domestic product and the employment of large numbers of unemployed people. Thus, they provide income for a large segment of individuals and improve the standard of living.