Current Scenario of Tea Garden Workers in Bangladesh: Time Demands to Stop the Zero-sum Game


  • Noorjahan Begum, Nushrat Hashmi & Md. Mokshud Ali CCN University of Science and Technology, Cumilla, Bangladesh


Agro-business, Poor pay, Standard of Living, Inflation, Tea Garden Workers, Non-zero sum game


The objective of this article is to highlight the latest phenomenon of tea garden laborers by outlining a dire picture of Bangladesh's tea industry. This article uses desk-based research and secondary data analysis to illustrate the current situation of Bangladeshi tea garden workers in the agro-business industry. To determine the real circumstances, the researchers studied several public interview quotes. It describes the current phenomenon of tea garden laborers to illustrate the inequality and injustice that exist in Bangladesh's agro-business sector. Researchers have discovered that because of their poor pay, the standard of living, and other rights, workers in tea gardens are less happy in the inflationary situation of Bangladesh. Researchers also discovered that both sides lacked accurate information. Researchers may get knowledge about the labor shortage in the tea sector, and professionals can gain knowledge about tea garden-related agro-business in Bangladesh. It is past time to go from a zero-sum game to a non-zero-sum game where everyone wins. For academics and practitioners, the results have significant implications.