Sustainability Reporting Practices: Evidence from Bangladeshi Financial Sector


  • Noorjahan Begum & Md. Mokshud Ali CCN University of Science and Technology, Cumilla, Bangladesh


Sustainability Accounting, Sustainability Reporting Practices (SRP), CSR reporting, Social, Environmental Accounting and Reporting (SEAR), Social and Environmental Disclosure, Sustainable Development


The objective of this article is to present the Bangladeshi financial sector's sustainability reporting practices. Bangladesh has unique social, political, and environmental issues. The goal of this study is to present the current state of sustainability reporting practices in the financial industry of Bangladesh. This paper examines the practices of sustainability reporting in Bangladesh's financial industry utilizing a variety of scholarly sources and a desk-based research approach with secondary data analysis. This article interprets the sustainability reporting practices of Bangladesh's financial sector. Researchers discovered that global organizations, focusing on the big picture, may take certain essential activities to increase the standard of sustainability reporting standards in Bangladesh's financial industry. Bangladesh's sustainability reporting practices are still new. The findings have far-reaching ramifications for both academics and policymakers.