Traffic Jam in Bangladesh: An Analysis Focusing the Economic Impact


  • Md. Mokshud Ali, Md. Abir Hossain Didar, Asma-Ul Hosna, Md. Nur Nobi & Sharmin Akter Moni Times University Bangladesh, Faridpur



Road system, Vehicle Movement, Traffic Jams, Road Accidents, Economic Impact


The primary focus of this article is on the economic impacts of traffic congestion in Bangladesh. Chronic traffic congestion, especially in Dhaka, has long been a significant source of annoyance in Bangladesh. Recently, it has become substantially worse. Bangladesh is a developing nation, but it has significant traffic problems. The top cities on the list include Los Angeles in the United States, Delhi and Kolkata in India, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Along with the stress they currently experience, the nation's people' physical and emotional health are being negatively impacted by the excessive traffic. At present, the traffic bottlenecks are occurring more regularly, the atmosphere of the nation is alarmingly deteriorating. Secondary data are used to support this study. The information offered in this study has several lessons for both academics and practitioners.