Significance of AI technology on consumer engagement

Significance of AI technology on consumer engagement


  • Mushfique Hasan Khan Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Texas Tech University, USA



The initial goal of this line of inquiry is to get an understanding of the impact that digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), have had on the level of consumer involvement that has led to rising levels of online activities and sales. This shift is more obvious when the character is engaging in activities inside the virtual environment. As a result, the second purpose of this study is to investigate whether or not having a positive experience when shopping online influences a person's decision to make a subsequent purchase. Theoretical models that further expand the theoretical discussion in consumer research may be examined using primary data gathered from consumers using primary data collected from consumers. It is possible to do research on the connection that exists between providing a pleasant user experience and encouraging repeat business. This research is unique in that it will assist to test a few important connections related to consumer engagement and analyses the underlying mechanism that leads to a rise in online sales. Another aspect that makes this study special is that it explores the underlying mechanism.