Revealing the Accounting Problems: An In-Depth Exploration of Accounting Challenges and Remedies

Revealing the Accounting Problems: An In-Depth Exploration of Accounting Challenges and Remedies


  • Md. Mokshud Ali, Md. Nur Nobi, H M Atif Wafik, Md. Rafid Ishmam & Tanjila Islam Anika University of Scholars, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Accounting Practices, Accounting Problems, Inaccurate Financial Reporting, Regulatory Compliance, Cash Flow Management, Emerging Technologies in Accounting, Accounts Payable Processes


To identify the root causes of accounting issues and provide workable solutions, this research study provides a comprehensive analysis of the issues that companies across various industries encounter. It looks at the challenges presented by contemporary accounting practices, bringing to light common problems such as erroneous financial reporting, inadequate cash flow management, and inefficient accounts payable processes. The study examines how these issues might affect stakeholder relationships, monetary gain, and potential legal repercussions. This study helps readers understand these accounting errors' underlying causes and effects by simplifying its findings. To address these problems, it also examines cutting-edge approaches and future technology, such as improved internal controls, automated accounting systems, and sophisticated data analytics. Through this research, organizations can obtain a valuable understanding of the primary accounting difficulties influencing their financial operations, empowering them to make informed decisions to address these concerns. By implementing the recommended solutions, businesses can enhance their overall financial performance as well as their operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and financial transparency. In summary, this study significantly expands the body of knowledge already available about accounting practices by doing a detailed review of the issues and offering practical answers.