Impact of Cyber Crime in Religious Life: Bangladesh Perspective


  • Dr. Md. Amjad Hossain, Sherina Khatun & Md. Arifuzzaman Times University Bangladesh, Faridpur


Cyber Crime, Religion, Law, Bangladesh, Computer, Internet


Religion is as the way of life of a human being in which there are two types of ideas to guide life namely worldly and spiritual. There are some financial, social, political, personal, family and other necessary guidelines for the conduct of worldly life along with some guidelines for success in the hereafter. From the beginning of creation, there is a tendency to use different religions and religious doctrines in a criminal manner and to counteract them various religious precepts have been sent down through the ages by the Creator, and various steps have been taken by the State to keep them from criminality. From ancient times, these crimes were organized by physical presence word of mouth and various activities. In the modern age, i.e. internet-based civilization a different dimension has been added where these crimes are mostly creating various crazes through the internet, and by this later physical crime, the trend is appearing in society. From the beginning of the 20th century, the level of religious propaganda on social media based on different religious ideologies increased in different parts of Bangladesh. Under the cover of this propaganda, one kind of criminal gang engaged in an attempt to bring the state and religion face to face, and from there, the Internet took a dormant place. Ramu accident, Nasir nagar accident and Comilla accident are notable as crime-based or cyber crime results. All the above accidents were organized by spreading rumors through social media.