Gang-based Cybercrime of Juvenile Society in Bangladesh: Challenges and Remedies


  • Md. Faruk Hossain & Md. Arifuzzaman Bangladesh Judicial Service


Cybercrime, Juvenile, Law, Bangladesh, Court, Offence, Internet and Computer


Teenagers of Bangladesh are entering the world of cyber-crime using online and apps. From gambling, pornography to human trafficking, their position is now in the mafia kingdom. The biggest concern and discomfort is that in front of their parents, the youngsters are intoxicated with this doomsday game, but they have no idea about it. Recently, Bangalore police in India arrested five Bangladeshis in connection with gang rape and torture of a woman. One of them is AV Hridyo. He is known as 'TikTok Hriday', said Bangladesh Police. According to the information provided by them, Hridiya was committing the crime of trafficking women by luring them to work on TikTok app. Those detained in India including him tortured a young woman from Bangladesh with the intention of trafficking. The Indian police arrested them only after that video went viral. Online and social media fraud, sexual harassment and many other crimes are already going on in Bangladesh. However, this new type of crime is raising the alarm. In addition, for these crimes, there are various groups of criminals online, social media and apps. The names of those groups are known in the investigation.

For the first time in Bangladesh, the police found the dreaded LSD drug after the death of a student of Dhaka University. This drug communication also goes online. The police said that they have found multiple groups of drug users and suppliers on Facebook. In addition, last October, the police arrested three students of a private university associated with online pornography. They built the pornography market in the developed world. They used to create pornography under the guise of friendship. Earlier, another such group was caught in 2014.  According to social scientists, social degradation and political misogyny are at the root of juvenile delinquency. Due to the lack of proper practice of moral values from childhood in educational institutions including family, one day slowly becomes reckless. They get involved in different branches of crime without their knowledge.