The Economic Effects of Legal Institutions from the Perspective of Business and Law


  • Md. Mokshud Ali, Ummay Tanzila Sultana, Md. Ariful Islam, Md. Moshfikur Rahman Shanto, Mowrin Rahman & Noorjahan Begum Times University Bangladesh, Faridpur


Economic Effects, Legal Institutions, Economic Effects of Legal Institution, Legal Norms, Business and Law


This study aims to present a business and legal viewpoint on how legal institutions affect the economy. By undertaking cross-disciplinary research between legal historians and economics or business historians, the study of law in business and vice versa could be better understood. It becomes clearer why historical empirical research is necessary when the legal system is seen as a distinct but dynamic entity that is intertwined with shifting socioeconomic circumstances and not isolated from economic and political matters. A substantial number of publications have been reviewed by the researchers. To prepare this article, secondary data and desk research were used. Academics and professionals can use the interesting insights from it.